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VHS Video to DVD Transfer Service

Based in Darlington, County Durham,we offer a complete end to end VHS Video to DVD transfer service, from initial collection and the transfer service itself, through to an extremely convenient drop off service. We operate throughout Darlington, Hurworth, Yarm, Stockton, Middlesbrough, Richmond, Northallerton, Durham, Sunderland and Newcastle, as well as all of the surrounding villages.

Video Tape to DVD

VHS Video to DVD transfers are becoming more popular, as people begin to realise that their precious video tapes are quickly coming to the end of their usable lives. For those who have used their video tapes to capture treasured moments or to store their favourite films, this could result in losing cherished memories forever, unless you use a VHS Video to DVD transfer service.

We fully appreciate just how important your VHS Video to DVD transfer is and are extremely well placed and experienced in the technology that is needed to meet your conversion requirements and ensure that nothing you value on your video tapes is lost or diminishes in quality. We’ll even give your recordings a refresh as we upscale them onto DVD.

Our VHS Video to DVD transfer service in Darlington uses PAL, which is the system used throughout the UK, the Commonwealth, Europe, parts of Asia and Africa, as well as South Africa. However, in America, the NTSC system is used and so we advise customers that if VHS videos are in Long Play (LP) or NTSC, there might be a small loss in the picture quality of your video during the transfer to DVD process.

We use different types of methods to transfer your VHS at the best possible quality, one of the methods is Progressive Scan technology to transfer your videos across to DVD. Progressive Scanning, also known as 480P or 576P for PAL (P for Progressive), means that all the horizontal lines of the frame are drawn in sequence, instead of the traditional method of interlacing where they are drawn alternately, known as 480I or 576I for PAL (I for Interlaced). This results in a more detailed image on screen and ensures that your VHS Video to DVD transfer results in a much smoother and more accurate picture.

Another method we use is to ensure that your transferred file is of the best quality by using a Flexible Recording (FR) mode, at a bit-rate of between 1.7 – 10 Mbps, instead of a fixed bit-rate of 5 Mbps, which many other companies use. This means therefore, that if you want to transfer a 2 hour 45 minute movie from VHS video to DVD, instead of being forced to use the 4 hour mode (Long Play or LP), where your recording will lose a lot of its quality, FR adjusts the recording and allows all the data capacity of the disk to be used for your 2 hour 45 minute recording at a very high quality. Using the FR mode also allows up to 3 hours’ worth of VHS video to be placed on the DVD with better than traditional standard play (SP) results.

Sound quality on your recording from your VHS Video to DVD transfer will always be of excellent quality due to the fact Dolby Digital is used. This is a digital audio coding technique which decreases the amount of data that is needed to produce a high quality sound and is used throughout many applications other than VHS Video to DVD transfers, such as HDTV broadcast and game consoles.

We would like to make you aware that special rates will apply for obsolete or broadcast formats so to discuss this and any other requirements in more detail, or to ask any questions about our VHS Video to DVD transfer service and to check our availability, please do not hesitate to call us on 0191 645 1326 or 07967 020 007.

Please note that all copyright material will require permission, in writing, from the copyright holder.

So for the best rate for VHS Video to DVD Transfer call us now, or click the link below to find out more about our premium service.

VHS Video to DVD Transfer service

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